Friday, July 29, 2005

Back Woods Boy

And even although I was only six and in the first grade, by that time I had attended quite a number of them. This due to my parents separation and divorce and the usual too-ing and fro-ing that went with that sort of thing in those days. In reality I believe they were trying to sort out who was going to get stuck with me but this is only a supposition on my part and has never been definitely proven. But, as I mentioned before, my father lost and had to take me. And seeing as how this was not very practical, a small boy is about the last thing you need in a construction camp, I ended up in a tent, in a forest full of bears, with a very loving grandmother with a big cook stove and without hardly trying, had managed to get myself excused/expelled from school. How much better could it get?

--from the Biographical Notes in progress of Darryl E. Bowles found at


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